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Welcome to School of Booze
We present fun and sociable corporate events in London, events for social groups, and private group entertainments (sorry no Stag Parties).  But we do not just operate in London – we are happy to come to wherever you are!  Choose from tutored beer and wine tasting, beer and food matching, or an Operalicious ® dinner. Or choose a beer t-shirt or cider t-shirt from our Art of the Pint beer merchandise series. For more information please watch our promotional video above.
We look forward to hearing from you. Cheers!
Jane Peyton, Principal, School of Booze

Corporate Events London

Our corporate events in London are guaranteed to entertain you and your clients or colleagues. With our knowledge and enthusiasm of beer, beer and food matching, cider and wine we will take you on a sociable tutored tasting journey around the world’s favorite alcoholic drinks. School of Booze tailors corporate events in London to suit your needs. We specialise in beer tasting parties. School of Booze founder, Jane Peyton, is Britain's Beer Sommelier of the Year, an engaging beer speaker and presenter, and after dinner speaker.

Corporate events include a selection of entertainments including peerless musical themed dinners such as Rule Britannia, Jane Austen, and Operalicious ® where you eat and drink as a professional opera singer sings for your supper!

Party Planners

Trying to organize a party or corporate bash and don’t know where to start? Worry not – School of Booze will take care of everything. We have some brilliant suggestions for festivities – just check out the options on our site or call us for more details. If you’re looking for a beer tasting party or business entertainment, how about an evening of tutored beer, wine, cider tasting, or beer and food matching – we’ll teach you how to identify the notes and flavors in each drink so you can impress your friends and colleagues with your new knowledge next time you’re in the pub. Or we can present inimitable musical entertainments – with opera dinners and Georgian feasts just some of the delights available!


Corporate Event Organizer

Welcome to School of Booze where our corporate events organizer is waiting to make your next corporate party a rip roaring success. If you want to plan a memorable office shindig, client get-together or corporate entertainment, you’ve found the perfect partner – we’ll arrange a tutored tasting event that combines fun and knowledge with some of the best alcoholic drinks available. School of Booze founder, Jane Peyton, is Britain's Beer Sommelier of the Year, an engaging beer speaker and presenter, and after dinner speaker.

As London’s leading alcohol based corporate events organizer, School of Booze can arrange a tasting tutorial in your office or a location of your choice. If you’d like to add an extra dimension to your party, we’ve developed a variety of outstanding themed evenings for you to try – all of which give you the opportunity to sample great food and superb booze! Our corporate events organizer has devised a selection of unique dining evenings - Rule Britannia, Dinner with Jane Austen, and an operatic banquet called Operalicious ® .  

Social Groups

Rotary Clubs, Round Tables, Women’s Institutes, Livery Companies, networking organisations, and other social groups – School of Booze has something for you.  Please contact us to discuss how we can enhance your social gathering with tutored tasting events, or themed dining evenings.


Written by booze historian Jane Peyton

Hello Tipplers

The only two books you will ever need about drink are available for purchase. Written by sommelier and booze historian Jane Peyton, 'Beer o' Clock' is everything you want to know about the world's favourite alcoholic drink; and 'School of Booze' is a compendium of essential knowledge about life's second greatest pleasure.

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