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Become The Beer, Cider And Wine Expert You Deserve To Be.
Welcome To The School Of Booze
Beer, Cider & Wine Online Courses from £50 inc. VAT
Corporate Tasting Events
Drinks Training & Consultancy

Become the Beer, Cider And Wine Expert You Deserve To Be.

Welcome to the
School Of Booze

Corporate Tasting Events​

School of Booze produces corporate beer tasting, corporate cider tasting, and corporate wine tasting for private groups in private pub rooms or in your office. They are interactive, fun, enlightening, and designed to encourage chat, networking and socializing.

We can also host virtual tasting events by Zoom and other video conferencing formats.   

We do not have set rates as every client wants different things. Our starting price for a virtual tasting is £850 + VAT, and for an in-person group in a London private pub room is £1,500 + VAT.  Your host is  Jane Peyton, award winning founder of School of Booze.

Choose from Beer Tasting, Cider Tasting,  and Wine Tasting.

Training & Consultancy

We Offer Pub Staff Training, Bar Staff Training Courses, Restaurant Staff Training In The Following Subjects:

Book a group session at your premises or by video conferencing tailored to what you need. Combinations of beer, cider and wine are possible.

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