Drinks Expert – Jane Peyton

TV And Radio Producers, Media Commissioning Editors:

Jane Peyton can talk and write about myriad drinks and pub related subjects including alcohol now, alcohol throughout history and the cultural history of alcohol and pubs.

If you are looking for an alcoholic drinks historian, or if you’ve ever wondered what Cleopatra or Elizabeth I drank; how politics has influenced the drinking habits of Britons for millennia, or just what Malmsey and Huckle My Buff were, Jane can enlighten you.

Jane has appeared on numerous radio and TV programmes both live and recorded talking about alcoholic drinks past and present. She often appears in the media to commentate about current drinks issues and trends.   Jane is the resident beer sommelier and cider pommelier on the award-winning Fermentation Radio Show.

She is also an award-winning drinks writer for magazines, websites, and newspapers.
To contact Jane please email:  jane@school-of-booze.com or call +44 7729 601 590

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