An Essential Guide To The World’s Major Beer Styles

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An Essential Guide To The World’s Major Beer Styles

Finding Your New Favourite Beer Style


Beer styles 101. You are one click away from a comprehensive beer styles and descriptions guide.

Worldwide there are more than 150 recognised beer styles currently brewed.  From straw coloured through to black, bitter, sweet, sour, savoury, salty, light bodied, full bodied, delicate, and powerful flavoured, beer is the most diverse alcoholic drink.

Beer styles are a guide for knowing what type of beer to buy, the same way that knowledge of grape varieties helps a person choose the wine they like.

If you want to explore and find a new favourite beer then this comprehensive document will help you. The document is divided in several ways to help you find your new favourite beer, including:

  • What Determines A Beer Style
  • A Description Of Dozens Of Beer Styles With Their Tasting Characteristics
  • The Family Tree Of Beer
  • Categories Of Beers So If You Like Malt Dominant, Hop Dominant, Bitter, Sweet, Pale, Amber, Dark, Light Bodied, Full-Bodied, High Alcohol, You Know Which Styles To Choose

For the price of £7.50 (including VAT) you are about to become a Beer Style Mastermind!

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