An Essential Guide To Understanding Different Wines

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An Essential Guide To Understanding Different Wines

Finding Your New Favourite Wine Style

This is the wine types list you need to understand differences in wines.

With hundreds of different grapes and wines in red, white, rosé, orange, still, sparkling, tannic, acidic, dry, sweet, and ultra-sweet it can be overwhelming. Sometimes it is easier to choose familiar grapes and wines. When drinking wine some people may not know why they like it, they just do.  Their choices may be as simple as preferring red to white wine.

If you want to explore and find a new favourite wine then this comprehensive document will help you. It includes a variety of factors that would prompt a person to choose one wine over another including acidity, tannins, body, grape variety. The document is divided in several ways to help you find your new favourite wine, including:

  • ‘If You Like This Grape, Try This One’
  • White And Red Grapes With Their Tasting Characteristics, For Instance High Acidity Or Tannins
  • Body (Light, Medium, Full)

For the price of £7.50 (including VAT) you are about to become a Wine & Grape Mastermind!

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