Cider Online Course (Advanced Level)

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This education for cider online course is your essential introduction to Cider. It develops the knowledge you learned in the Foundation and Intermediate courses.

Advanced level course offers a base of knowledge for understanding cider and suits absolute beginners who want to know more about their favourite drink, and people who need to learn about cider for their job, for instance, hospitality staff, retailers and marketers. The courses are devised to be concise, easy-to-understand, and swift to learn. Some people learn better through audio and others through reading.  Course materials are in both formats to suit different preferences for learning.

It includes:

  • Audio Files
  • Written Course Notes (to download)
  • Multiple-choice examination. When you pass you receive a personalised digital Chief of Booze Enlightenment certificate.

You will learn:

  • Cider & Food Matching (Audio 9 mins 56 secs)
  • How to Judge Cider Like A Professional (Audio 7 mins 21 secs)
  • Cider Culture Around the World (Audio 10 mins 53 secs)
  • Glassware To Enhance Cider (Audio 3 mins 50 secs)
  • Cider Taste-Along (Written and Audio 17 mins 57 secs)
  • Course Notes (Written Version of Audio)
  • Glossary of Cider & Perry Terms (Written – also available in the Foundation and Intermediate Courses)
  • Apple Varieties (Written – also available in the Foundation and Intermediate Courses)
  • Perry Pear Varieties (Written – also available in the Foundation and Intermediate Courses)

How Long To Complete The Course?
Around 4 hours to listen, read, revise and do the examination. You can stop and start and do it in stages if you prefer.

Course Objectives

✔️ Understand Cider & Food Matching Techniques

✔️ Understand The Principles Of Judging Cider In Order to Evaluate Cider

✔️ Understand How Glassware Shape Enhances The Cider Drinking Experience

✔️Understand And Remember The Glossary Of Cider Terms In Order To Be Able To Communicate Confidently

✔️Apply Cider Knowledge in Professional or Personal Life

Course Benefits

✔️ Wide Knowledge Of Cider

✔️ Apply Knowledge to Make Informed Choices

✔️ Have The Confidence And Language To Communicate About And Evaluate Cider


Testimonial from the Cider Expert
Susanna Forbes, Little Pomona Orchard & Cidery, author, The Cider Insider

“School of Booze courses written by Jane Peyton are fascinating as well as educational. The world of cider is multi-layered and relatively unknown, so it pays to join a trusted guide. And Jane, Britain’s first accredited Pommelier knows her apples and pears.

Good examples, clear descriptions, and nifty comparisons throughout enable the newcomer to understand the basics of cider and perry, alongside a Glossary which is as far-reaching as it is illuminating. Taking matters further, Cider & Food Matching contains the best food pairing exposition I’ve seen. Cider Taste-Along is full of useful pointers to enable anyone and everyone to better appreciate cider and perry, plus a curated list of over 80 of the world’s leading cider and perry producers.

One for those who wish to further their knowledge in the company of one of the nation’s most entertaining cider educationalists.”

More Information

Price for Foundation course £50 (Including VAT @20%)
Price for Foundation and Intermediate courses £90 Including VAT @20%)
Price for Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced courses £125 (Including VAT @20%)

Gift Vouchers Are Available in the Shop.

Please note:  We do not offer a bespoke menu of online courses so mixing & matching of subjects from different levels is not possible.

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