Wine Online Course (Advanced Level)

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Claim Your Superpower in Wine & Become the Wine Expert You Deserve to Be!

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This wine education online training course is your essential introduction to Wine.

Advanced level offers a base of knowledge for understanding wine and suits absolute beginners who want to know more about their favourite drink, and people who need to learn about wine for their job, for instance, hospitality staff, retailers and marketers. It builds on the knowledge you learned in the Foundation & Intermediate level courses.

The courses are devised to be concise, easy-to-understand, and swift to learn. Some people learn better through audio and others through reading.  Course materials are in both formats to suit different preferences for learning.

It Includes:

  • Audio Files
  • Written Course Notes (to download)
  • Multiple-choice examination. When you pass you receive a personalised digital Chief of Booze Enlightenment certificate.

 You Will Learn:

  • Wine & Food Matching (Audio 9 mins 55 secs)
  • How to Judge Wine (Audio 5 mins 48 secs)
  • Glassware To Enhance Wine (Audio 4 mins 16 secs)
  • How To Prove Your Wine Knowledge in Public (Audio 8 mins 31 secs)
  • Great Wine Nations (Audio 14 mins 48 secs)
  • Wine Taste-Along (Written and Audio 18 mins 19 secs)
  • Glossary of Wine Terms (Written – also available in the Foundation and Intermediate Course)
  • Wine Grapes and Wine Types (Written – also available in the Foundation and Intermediate Course)
  • Wine Regions (Written – also available in the Foundation and Intermediate Course)

After learning and revising you will take an online test of 20 questions.  Get 16 questions right and you will pass and receive a digital Chief of Booze Enlightenment certificate!

How Long To Complete The Course
Around 4 hours to listen, read, revise and do the examination.  If you have already done the Foundation and Intermediate level courses it should take 2-3 hours as there are some duplicate reference documents. You can stop and start and do it in stages if you prefer.


Course Objectives

✔️ Understand Wine Grapes & Types, Including Fortified Wine

✔️ Understand How To Taste Wine Like a Professional And Be Able To Evaluate Wine

✔️ Increase Knowledge Of Wine Regions

✔️Understand And Remember The Glossary Of Wine Terms In Order To Be Able To Communicate Confidently

Course Benefits

✔️ Wide Knowledge Of Wine

✔️ Make Informed Choices

✔️ Have The Confidence And Language To Communicate And Evaluate Wine


Testimonial from the Wine Expert
Jonathan Ray, Drinks Editor, The Spectator Magazine

Jane Peyton, founder of the deliciously-named School of Booze, knows everything there is to know about wine. By the time you finish her brilliantly conceived course on the subject you will know pretty much everything too.

Aimed at the enthusiastic amateur who fancies knowing a bit more, there are three levels of study – Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced – all of which are undertaken at home or wherever you can get online. In no time at all, as Jane takes you gently but expertly by the virtual hand, you will know the difference between Maipo, Marlborough and malolactic fermentation and as a result will enjoy your next glass of vino all the more.

I can’t recommend this very jolly wine course enough. Cheers!

More Information

Price for Foundation course £50 (Including VAT @20%)
Price for Foundation and Intermediate courses £90 Including VAT @20%)
Price for Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced courses £125 (Including VAT @20%)

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Please note:  We do not offer a bespoke menu of online courses so mixing & matching of subjects from different levels is not possible.

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