The Philosophy of Beer by Jane Peyton AVAILABLE APRIL 2021


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The Philosophy of Beer will be published in April 2021.

This enlightening and engaging history book examines where beer was first brewed, what it tasted like,  how beer spread around the globe and became the world’s favourite alcoholic drink, the significance of beer to humans throughout recorded history, how beer has been used as medicine for thousands of years, and other fascinating subjects.

Written by Jane Peyton, beer sommelier, award-winning writer, and Principal of the School of Booze.

Emma Inch, beer writer and producer and host of Fermentation Radio Beer & Brewing Show

Jane’s book is a celebration of beer as something central to human existence; a drink that unites human beings across both geography and time. Her devotion to beer is clear in the way she covertly delivers enough information to turn you into an expert whilst you’re just busy enjoying the stories. Reading this book is like a tour of the archives with an expert and a trip to the pub with a friend all rolled into one!

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Please note, this book will be published in April 2021.  If you want to buy a copy please send an email to Jane – jane@school-of-booze.com so she can send you details of how to buy it when it is published.

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