The Philosophy of Cider by Jane Peyton


Pre-order now for the book’s publication on June 13th 2024


A concise cider history book full of facts and trivia to make you rethink cider.

Welcome to Ciderland where cider is sunshine in a glass!

The Philosophy of Cider is a voyage of discovery that stars the apple (about which there is nothing humble!) on its journey to make glorious cider. It outlines the history of the drink and enlightens readers about the diversity of cider – from ultra-dry to ultra-sweet, cider’s links to champagne, and provides tasting tips and food pairings. It also celebrates the cultural role cider plays in regions such as Asturias and Basque country in Spain, and how in parts of Germany, cider, not beer is the champion.

The Philosophy of Cider makes an excellent gift and is packed with fascinating anecdotes and descriptions of cider that are guaranteed to make you thirsty!

Written by Jane Peyton, the UK’s first accredited cider sommelier, award-winning writer, and Principal of the School of Booze. If you drink beer then check out Jane’s book The Philosophy of Beer.

The Philosophy of Cider is delightful – a beautiful, lyrical addition to the must-haves for our bookshelves. Well written, with insight, humour and style.

Susanna Forbes, co-founder Little Pomona Cider

Pre-order now for the book’s publication on June 13th 2024

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