The Philosophy of Gin by Jane Peyton


Gin lovers!  Here is your perfect gift book for you or for a gin drinking friend. The Philosophy of Gin is a rollicking ride through the history of gin & also includes a guide for the perfect G & T.  You’ll be Dr of Philosophy (gin division) before you know it!

Few if any alcoholic drinks have the dramatic and multifaceted history of gin. It has served as a crucial medicine, a form of escapism, an inspiration for satirical art, and a source for the phrase ‘Dutch courage’.

Written by Jane Peyton, award-winning writer and Principal of the School of Booze.

Kathy Caton, Founder of Brighton Gin

Every word counts with Jane – she manages to distil huge amounts of historical and scientific detail into very entertaining and pithy prose, bringing alive hundreds of years of history. I also thought I knew everything there was to know about gin – and her book has proved me wrong. Jane’s tone of voice is full of energy, enthusiasm and the passion to spread knowledge in a witty and engaging way – her writing is a delight.

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