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Wine Foundation & Intermediate Course Bundle

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This bundle contains the Officer of Booze Enlightenment (Foundation) and Master of Booze Enlightenment (Intermediate) courses. All the knowledge you need to understand and appreciate your favourite drink!

These courses offer a base of knowledge for understanding wine. They suit absolute beginners who want to know more about their favourite drink, and people who need to learn about wine for their job, for instance, selling and marketing it. The courses are devised to be easy-to-understand, and swift to learn.

Both courses include:

  • Audio Files
  • Written Course Notes (to download)
  • Multiple-choice examination. When you pass you receive a personalised digital certificate for each course.

In the Officer of Booze Enlightenment course you will learn:

  • What is Wine
  • How is Wine Made
  • Sparkling Wine
  • Fruit Wine
  • Glossary of Wine Terms
  • Wine Grapes and Wine Types
  • Wine Regions

Master of Booze Enlightenment (Intermediate) course builds on the knowledge you learned in the Officer of Booze Enlightenment (Foundation) course.

  • Wine history
  • Wine & Health
  • Fascinating Facts
  • How To Taste Wine Like a Professional
  • Fortified Wine
  • Wine Taste-Along
  • Glossary of Wine Terms (also available in Foundation Course)
  • Wine Grapes and Wine Types (also available in Foundation Course)
  • Wine Regions (also available in Foundation Course)

How Long To Complete The Courses?
Each course takes around 5 hours to listen, read, revise the material and do the examination. If you are a speed reader and reviser it may take less time. You can stop and start and do it in stages if you prefer.

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