About Jane Peyton
Founder of the School of Booze

Jane Peyton

Jane Peyton is an alcoholic drinks educator, broadcaster, pub expert, writer, public speaker, and founder of the School of Booze. She trained through the Wine & Spirit Education Trust, and the Beer & Cider Academy which are Britain’s official education bodies for accredited learning.

Jane has expertise in something that makes millions of people very happy – alcohol. Not just in the subject of modern alcohol but also the cultural history of alcohol. Ask her what Cleopatra or Jane Austen drank and she can tell you!

Jane has won several awards for her work including Drinks Educator of the Year, and Lifetime Achievement in Beer from the British Parliament’s MPs and Peers in the Parliamentary Beer Group. She has also achieved several ‘firsts’ including being the UK’s first certified Pommelier (cider sommelier) and the UK’s first Beer Sommelier of the Year.  See below for a list of her awards.

Jane is an engaging host, presenter, and public speaker.  She speaks on a variety of drinks related subjects at conferences, lectures and business and social events in the UK and overseas. She appears regularly on radio and TV talking about alcoholic drinks and pubs both past and present. She is the resident drinks expert on the award-winning Fermentation Radio.

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Jane is the author of several books including Drink: A Tippler’s Miscellany, and The Philosophy of Gin.

Jane is the instigator and driving force behind Beer Day Britain, the UK’s national beer day annually on June 15th.

Awards and Accolades For Jane Peyton


UK’s first accredited Pommelier (cider sommelier) through the Beer & Cider Academy,

Lifetime Achievement

Lifetime Achievement in Beer from the All-Party Parliamentary Beer Group (British Parliament).


Outstanding Individual Achievement in Beer from the Beer & Cider Marketing Awards.


Britain’s first Beer Sommelier of the Year (awarded by the Beer Academy)

Awards Judge

Judge on BBC Radio 4’s Food & Farming Awards (drinks category)


Drinks Educator of the Year (awarded by Imbibe Magazine)

Best Craft Beer Promotion

Twice winner of the Best Craft Beer Promotion in the Off-Trade for Beer Day Britain (awarded by Society of Independent Brewers).

Best Craft Beer Promotion

Best Craft Beer Promotion in the On-Trade for Beer Day Britain (awarded by Society of Independent Brewers).

Gold Medal

Gold Award for Writing in the Trade Media, Silver Award for Beer & Food Writing, Silver Award for Best Beer Broadcasting (awarded by the British Guild of Beer Writers).


Woman of the Year award (from the Woman of the Year organisation)

World Record

Guinness World Record Breaker 2016 for hosting the world’s largest beer tasting tutorial (1,236 people)


Drinks Ambassador for Love British Food & Drink