Jane Peyton Podcast
The Food Talk Show

Jane Peyton is co-host of the award winning  The Food Talk Show along with the show’s founder Susie Warran-Smith, CBE. 

Each show focuses on a specific subject, for instance cider, cheese, chocolate with interviews with the producers of Britain’s great food and drink.  

Listen to Jane's Podcasts below:

Dry Drinker January

After seeing in the New Year, Sue and Jane decide they should do a non-alcoholic beer tasting for all their listeners who are embarking on Dry January. As Jane is an accredited beer sommelier and author on numerous books on beer, who better to judge the non-alcoholic offerings against the real stuff. Sue is not as knowledgeable but knows what she likes. They have ordered 16 bottles and cans from Dry Drinker and give their very honest views on each. What gets the thumbs up and what should you avoid?!

Wish you were beer

As a fully qualified beer sommelier, Jane is in her element this week, talking about the topic closest to her heart . . . beer. As she says: “alcohol is my profession”. Quite. Sue’s an amateur but she tries hard.

Jane gives Sue a lesson in hops, brewing and tasting along with the experts from Cellar Head and Ramsgate Brewery (they brew the Gadd’s brand of beers). Want to know the difference between IPA, pale ale, lager and stout? What food pairings work well with beer and the difference between Kentish hops and the American kind? Listen in.

English sparkling wine - a family affair

A packed studio today with 3 guests from Kent vineyards. It’s an all female line-up from Terlingham VineyardGusbourne and Wayfarer Wines. Jane explains how you should open a bottle of fizz and what glass you should use for serving – flutes are out apparently. Meanwhile Sue is very unkind about French champagne.

We learn about the traditional method for making sparkling wine which is completely different from Prosecco, hence the price difference. Finally, everyone agrees we need a new moniker for English sparkling wine, a one word term that encapsulates this wonderful product – answers on a postcard if anyone has any good ideas.

After all that tasting Sue is a bit flushed but Jane doggedly decides to finish off her numerous tasting glasses before she catches the train home.

I'm a cider drinker

Talking cider with Julian Barnes and Jane Peyton. We’re back and we’re feeling good! The first all new FoodTalk Show kicks off with Sue Nelson as usual and her co-presenter Jane Peyton, one of the UK’s leading experts on beer and cider. It’s just as well as the first guest is Julian Barnes whose family own Biddenden Vineyard which has been in operation since 1969 making wine and a good range of still and sparkling ciders.

Jane insists that cider should be drunk in a wine glass and Sue is really keen on their Special Reserve strong dark cider fermented and matured in oak whisky casks. She’s also brought along a bottle of ‘ice’ cider made in Devon for Jane to taste. Will she like it?

They also discuss the merits of making cider from the Red Love apple which is pink inside, not white and naturally produces a beautiful blush coloured cider. Really? All that and Sue reveals which US president used to drink a tankard of cider every day for breakfast. Probably not something that is recommended although he did live until the ripe old age of 90!