Jane Peyton
Public Speaker

Jane Peyton is a fun, witty, and engaging host, presenter, and public speaker.   She speaks on a variety of drinks and pub related subjects at conferences, lectures and business and social events in the UK and overseas. Alcohol is a lingua franca that connects humans and her expertise is in great demand!

Download a PDF of some of her testimonials here. 

To book Jane for your conference, lecture, business or social event please email: jane@school-of-booze.com or call +44 7729 601 590

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The F Word – How Fermentation Rules the World.'

Reviews for Jane Peyton

Jane Anderson, Executive Officer, Cider Australia

Cider Australia was so intrigued by Jane Peyton's drinks expertise that we invited her to speak at our national cider conference. Jane artfully matched serious debate about the global cider market with inspired insights, while keeping the audience superbly entertained. Jane is on an inspired journey to educate and brings everyone along for the ride.

Jane with a glass

Amanda Barry Hirst, Third Rock Communications

Jane is a natural and engaging speaker. She has an encyclopaedic knowledge of her subject and easily captures and keeps her audience's attention. I can vouch for her energy and enthusiasm.

Jane Peyton with a flute high res

Sarah O’ Reilly, Molson Coors

Jane was a phenomenal speaker and told the story in such a unique and engaging way. Jane’s expertise and presentation style really did make this the best talk I attended.

Chris Ives, Founder Ilkley Brewery, and Otterbeck Distillery

Jane Peyton has spoken at many of our events and from start to finish always has the audience captivated with her amazing knowledge and story-telling ability. Whatever the subject Jane is able to bring interest and humour to the event and the presentation always sounds fresh and engaging. Jane is a real asset to our event team and I very much looking forward to our next project together.