Jane Peyton
Public Speaker

Jane Peyton is a fun, witty, and engaging host, presenter, and public speaker.   She speaks on a variety of drinks and pub related subjects at conferences, lectures and business and social events in the UK and overseas. Alcohol is a lingua franca that connects humans and her expertise is in great demand!

To book Jane for your conference, lecture, business or social event please email: jane@school-of-booze.com or call +44 7729 601 590

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The F Word – How Fermentation Rules the World.'

Reviews for Jane Peyton

Julia Robson, Regent’s University, London

Jane is an eloquent, erudite and entertaining speaker and I always look forward to her lectures. I always have excellent feedback from the students. She is reliable, professional and a brilliant, authentic speaker.

Amanda Barry Hirst, Third Rock Communications

Jane is a natural and engaging speaker. She has an encyclopaedic knowledge of her subject and easily captures and keeps her audience's attention. I can vouch for her energy and enthusiasm.

Sarah O’ Reilly, Molson Coors

Jane was a phenomenal speaker and told the story in such a unique and engaging way. Jane’s expertise and presentation style really did make this the best talk I attended.

Tabitha Neill, Quantum Media Ltd

Jane’s talks are engaging, informative and entertaining! She has a great enthusiasm for her work and a heap of knowledge to go with it! The audience always have a wonderful time and go away learning something new which is only possible when you are working with a fantastic speaker.